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Intro to Google Search Console – Search Console Training

Tips for hiring an SEO specialist | Search for Beginners Ep 9

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimizer. Hiring an SEO specialist has the potential to improve your site and save time, but you also risk damage to your site and reputation if you hire someone who gives you bad advice or recommends bad practices and bad shortcuts. Here’s a general… Read More »

What is the Perfect Article Length for SEO Ranking?

James Schramko here having a chat to Gert from SeoLeverage.com. And Gert today’s SEO question for you is – how long does my article need to be to rank well? That’s an awesome question because it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve with this article. We have tons of tools in our toolbox… Read More »

A Simple Framework To Improve Your SEO Results

James Schramko here chatting with Gert from SEOLeverage.com. Today, I’ve got a question for you, Gert, regarding SEO. And you’ve been helping us with SuperFastBusiness.com. You’ve come in and you’ve had a look around, see what we’re doing. Now, we used to run an SEO business, but I thought it would be a good idea… Read More »

SEO Explained | Search for Beginners Ep 8

(narrator) Your website should attract new potential customers. One way to do so is by showing up in search results. Methods of making your website appear when people search for the things you sell like children’s clothes, are called search engine optimization, or SEO for short. Think of it this way, SEO is like a… Read More »

Who We Are | An Interview With Fresh Creative Marketing Team Members

What’s great about working at Fresh? I work with knowledgeable, fun, creative people who genuinely care about each other. My job is different every day. Our clients are different. My coworkers are willing to step into a different position to help each other out. So what I like most about working at Fresh is obviously… Read More »

How An Audit Can Fix Your Website’s SEO | Fresh Creative

What is a website audit? A website audit illuminates performance and SEO errors found on your website. The FreshTek report outlines key actionable areas where Fresh Creative can improve the performance and quality of your site. Correcting these issues will not only help your website achieve better search engine rankings, it will also provide a… Read More »

SEO Beginner’s Tutorial : How to Improve Your Website’s Google Ranking | Ask The Experts |

Starting with the basics – Make sure your pages are useful, informative and unique. One amazing page is way better than a hundred mediocre pages. In fact, Google massively favors unique content right now. You might want to find similar pages around your website and combine them into one brilliant page. Make sure you properly… Read More »

3 Local SEO Tips to Help You Rank Highly in Google

Hi, I’m Ed from upriseUP, a digital marketing agency. Today I’m going to be looking at 3 top tips to help really improve your organic search listings. What are local organic search listings? When you do a Google search, or a search on any other search engine for that matter, the organic listings are the… Read More »

10 Simple Fixes Anyone Can Do To Improve Website Ranking

– Hello, my name’s Tim, I’m Head Ninja at Exposure Ninja, and in this video we’re gonna be looking at 10 simple fixes that anyone asterisk can do to improve the ranking of their website. The asterisk, there are some qualifying criteria, not anybody can do these. You need to be a functioning adult and… Read More »