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How To Use Pinterest To Increase Traffic To Your Site | Pin Your Blog Post On Pinterest & Stand Out

what’s up YouTube everyone watching this video in this video I go over how to use Pinterest to increase your site traffic if you have a blog or website or even a personal brand this is very important so anyone in my audience that follows me definitely listen to what I have to say this… Read More »

How to Use Pinterest for Business 2020 – Pinterest Marketing Tips for TRAFFIC EXPLOSION

Did you know that Pinterest can drive to your website thousands of pageviews of free organic traffic primarily from the United States? This is my Google Analytics report for one of my websites and you can see that Pinterest is my main traffic source. Pinterest works like magic across so many niches and verticals of… Read More »

Make Money With Pinterest Traffic: Turn $5 Into $1,000

in this screenshot have gone on to generate well over $1000 dollars one of them is nearing 1100 and these are blog posts that get created for me for anywhere from as cheap as three to five dollars to anywhere from like twelve to fifteen how to take five dollars and turn it into one… Read More »

How To Get Traffic From Pinterest (2019 Method!)

in this video I’m going to share with you my favorite traffic source that has given me over a hundred thousand visitors to my blogs and websites these traffic source works in any niche for any kind of business model health makemoney wellness cars dogs pets whether you have an e-commerce store blog if you’re… Read More »

How to Get More Pinterest Traffic for Your Blog/Website

In this video, I will show you how to get free Pinterest traffic for your blog. Generating Pinterest traffic is one of the easiest and quickest way to grow your website. I get more than 80,000 free traffic from Pinterest. Nearly 90% of them are the new audience, so it’s a great chance to build… Read More »

How to Get Paid on Pinterest – $4675 of Ad Income with Pinterest Traffic on My Blogs Last Month

I have a Pinterest account and I’m getting 255 monthly viewers on Pinterest so Anastasia how do I get paid on Pinterest that’s what people often ask me in the comments here on YouTube and in the chat box on my Pinterest masterclass my answer could be a bit disappointing for you Pinterest will not… Read More »

🙀 Pinterest Follow Unfollow Tools That Will Get Your Account Suspended ⛔

Anastasia, I’m new on Pinterest I followed 60 or 70 people in one go and since then I cannot see my search button on my account. Any clue what happened? Is this due to repetitive activity that I have done? My account cannot follow! what is the cause? I follow 10,000 people in the past… Read More »

📌 Pinning on Pinterest – How to Create Pinterest Pins and Save Them Manually in Pin Builder

Hey guys! I received a lot of requests to share more beginner-level tutorials in my Thursdays Pinterest marketing tips videos. So, here you go! In today’s video, I will show you the exact process of creating a pin on Pinterest. You will see step by step how you do manual pinning without any paid Pinterest… Read More »

TOP 5 Pinterest Marketing Tips 2019 | Guaranteed Pinterest Growth Strategy for Business and Bloggers

Have you ever checked popular Pinterest accounts and wondered what are the secrets of those big Pinterest accounts that have millions of monthly views and get thousands of page views on their sites on Pinterest so In today’s video I want to show you the most current Pinterest marketing tips Which work equally well for… Read More »