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Skiing Stereotypes | Dude Perfect

Ah! What a gorgeous day. Woo hoo! Woo hoo! Hey! Dude! Come on, man! Sorry, it’s kind of my buddy’s thing. Ow! Ugh! Got to let go, man! Woo! Ha ha! Ski tips up! It’s time to shred the gnar– Can you grab me a couple of chili cheese corn dogs? I’m going to smoke… Read More »

My Summer Crush | Hannah Stocking

Hey girl, do your thing, do your thing and switch. Hey girl, do your thing, do your thing and switch Hey girls It’s a boy! Hey ladies Oh my god. Oh my god. Hey Hey, we’re having a pool party. You should all come Sounds cool, I guess, right? Sure! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Whatever You’re… Read More »


Hey hey hey Yass whoo Beep beep Hey hey hey hey hey hey I see that I’m icy Go rising up up I see that I’m icy What can I do though I seem cold I don’t care what you think because I’m cool oh Come on With confidence let it go Here we go… Read More »


*Massive ACTUAL earrape warning* SUBSCRIBE TO NACA FIRE AND SECURITY *Slav music* EARRAPE WARNING : 3 2 1 Moscow, Moscow Throw the glasses at the wall Russia is a beautiful country HAHAHAHAHA Tovarishch the Gopnik Engine incoming *Beat drops harder than when you drop your vodka* Sleeping at work You can’t do that *Truly Slav… Read More »

How To Use Google Trends For YouTube SEO

How can you use Google Trends to help your videos do better in YouTube search? Let’s find out. HEY.com. Hey this is Dane Golden from HEY.com. This is the channel where we give you video content marketing tips to help you get your customers coming back to your videos again and again. So, how do… Read More »