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Halodoc: Building the Future of Tele-Health One Microservice at a Time (Special Episode)

– Every successful business starts with a great idea. Today, moving from concept to reality, is easier than ever before. Join us, as we travel around the world to meet developers, architects, and innovators, to learn how they’re building on the AWS cloud. Welcome, to “This is my Architecture”. This is Jakarta, the capital of… Read More »

Camels, Code & Lab Coats: How AI Is Advancing Science and Medicine

man: There’s been many innovations over the years that drive science. If you go back in history, many scientific insights actually derived from new tools that were able to measure new things. AI is very, very good at finding new paths that haven’t been seen before. It’s almost an enhancement on our ability to sense… Read More »

DEMONSTRATE YOUR E A T | Healthcare SEO Part 3 | Wagada

DEE: So, expertise again, you want to be seen as an expert in your field so that’s one thing we’ve found is having a strong about page or a biography that lists, your credentials, publications that you’ve been in. Even having, like a press page where you’re featured in the news or anything like that… Read More »

INCREASE YOUR VISIBILITY | Healthcare SEO Part 2 | Wagada

DEE: So, I think following medic update it’s all about what we call “EAT” Expertise, Authority, Trustworthy you need to make sure your website is portraying you as an expert in your field that you’re authoritative in your field as well but that your users can trust you and the content that you have and… Read More »

CHANGING TO ALGORITHMS | Healthcare SEO Part 1 | Wagada

DEE: So, yeah, definitely, I’d say so. So last year, in August, Google released what they call a broad algorithm update that later became known as the medic update which affected what we call ‘your money, your life’ websites. So, that’s something that affects somebody’s health, well-being, happiness, financially so that can be anything from… Read More »