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Google Translate Movies ft. Jimmi Simpson

( music playing )( mimics Scottish accent ) They can take our lives but they will never accept the science! My mother always said, “Life is a chocolate box.” I don’t know what. I will give him a proposal that he cannot deny. All right? Hitchington, we have a problem. Wait on, wait out. I’m… Read More »

Instagram Influencer marketing – Instagram influencer | how to find quality influencers in minutes?

when you ask any random person to name three influencers, they will most likely say: 1. Kim Kardashian, 2. Kylie Jenner or 3. any other celebrity. Don’t get me wrong: they all have their awesome talents but honestly, I don’t believe that their number one job is being an influencer. They are celebrities. Their credibility… Read More »

뽕(1985) / Mulberry (Ppong)

Due to partial damage of the original copy of the film, some of the scenes may be missing.   Mulberry   Producer Lee Tae-won   Original Novel Na Do-hyang Screenplay Yoon Sam-yuk Cinematography Son Hyun-chae   Music Choi Chang-kwon   Editing Lee Gyeong-ja   Lee Mi-sook   Lee Dae-geun   Lee Mu-jung   Director Lee… Read More »

It’s My Life | 비켜라 운명아 – Ep.80 [SUB : ENG,CHN/ 2019.03.04]

(Episode 80) It’s been a while. I didn’t think I’d ever have to see you again. What brings you here? I know you begrudge me. You must resent me. I have nothing to say, so please go. Jina. Siu is very ill. Siu is dying. There was a product defect due to a certain someone.… Read More »

Competitive Analysis Framework | Understand the User | App Marketing | Udacity

Once you’ve identified your top few advantages, there are a few frameworks you can use to outline them. We’re going to use a grid to map all your competitors on one slide and position you as the leader. You’re going to create something like this for your final project. Let’s start by focusing on two… Read More »