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Create More Traffic to Your One Page Website

What’s up, YouTube team! I am Jared VanderMeer, and I make digital marketing tip videos right here on YouTube and today, we are talking about how to increase traffic to a one page website. [INTRO] If you have used one of those DIY website builders or if you’ve just made a small website, a one-page… Read More »

10 Life Hacks for Your Next Beach Vacation

Hey guys for this video I brought you out to Hawaii because apparently I’m on vacation. So while we’re here, I teamed up with a company called LifeVantage to tell you about a new product they just developed and to share with you my ten favorite life hacks for when you’re down at the beach.… Read More »

5 hacks Every Kajabi Pipeline Needs to Improve SEO

So welcome to the five hacks that you should do for every funnel or pipeline that you create in KAJABI. So let’s get started. I’ve taken just a freebie funnel. This is a freebie that’s a for your pdf, but it applies for your other funnels that may have some additional pages. So the 1st… Read More »

3 Simple SEO Hacks

Are you struggling to land on the first page of Google? What most people don’t know is there’s a bunch of different ways to improve your ranking. In this video we’ll go over three lesser-known SEO hacks to get your content on that first page of Google. Our first hack is super simple. Make sure… Read More »