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How to change my Google Search result snippet? | Search for Beginners Ep 10

When your website appears on Google search results, Google search shows asnippet, or a title and short description. As the first interaction between your website and potential customers, the snippet is the primary piece of information used to decide which result to click on. So its important to take the time to add relevant titles… Read More »

Intro to Google Search Console – Search Console Training

Tips for hiring an SEO specialist | Search for Beginners Ep 9

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimizer. Hiring an SEO specialist has the potential to improve your site and save time, but you also risk damage to your site and reputation if you hire someone who gives you bad advice or recommends bad practices and bad shortcuts. Here’s a general… Read More »

Google Explains Search with Interactive Web Page

(Image source: Google) BY EVAN THOMAS ANCHOR LOGAN TITTLE What exactly goes into a Google search? Google has a new interactive web page that puts what the search giant does to index the web in layman’s terms.

The process has three general steps. First, Google crawls the web, which means it follows links from page to… Read More »

SEO Explained | Search for Beginners Ep 8

(narrator) Your website should attract new potential customers. One way to do so is by showing up in search results. Methods of making your website appear when people search for the things you sell like children’s clothes, are called search engine optimization, or SEO for short. Think of it this way, SEO is like a… Read More »

The Link Building Book: Google PageRank – iAcquire Cliffs Notes Tuesday 4.23.13

Today for Cliff Notes Tuesday I’m going to be going over chapter three of Paddy Moogan’s Link Building Book entitled “What You Need to Know About Google Page Ranks.” So very exciting chapter, I know. And we’re going to be going through some of Paddy’s own opinions and historical information about PageRank and how it… Read More »

How To Check Where Your Ads Appears On Google Search Results

Once you have set up your Google Ads campaign, you are probably keen to find out exactly where your Ad is ranking in the Google Search Results. Hello, I’m Uzair and thanks for watching this video. Within the Google Ads dashboard, you can use the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool to find out where your… Read More »