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5 Tips For Increasing Your Google Adwords Quality Score | Save Money on Your PPC Ads

– Google’s worth well over $500 or $600 billion. Why? It’s because everyone is clicking on Google AdWords ads. When you do a Google search, what do you see at the top? It’s a ad. You get in there by paying Google through their service called Google AdWords. Hey, everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today… Read More »

Impossible Marketing SEO Course Review By Randy

Hi everybody, my name is Randy. I’m actually a student of Alan Koh, Impossible Marketing. Today I want to share with you a testimonial that I feel like sharing with the world. It’s how effective his course has been First and foremost, why I attended the course was really because I’m a web designer. My… Read More »

Topic clusters The Next Evolution of SEO

The future of search engine optimization is changing and it is changing through a topic called �Topic Clusters�. This is a process of focusing on topics directly related to a buyer persona rather than keywords themselves. So, in this video, I am going to go into what a topic cluster is, a little bit more… Read More »

Impossible Marketing Alan Koh SEO course review by Mohan

Hi, this is Mruthula Mohan. Actually I attended Alan’s class in March. My website was about 7th or 8th page and now I’m ranking Page 1 Number 1. I’m very happy that I attended Alan’s course and this helped me build my website better. So, I think I will rank for my other keywords as… Read More »

Benny testimonial after attending our SEO training

Hi, I’m Benny. I just attended Alan’s course. I’m doing photography business. I came here so that I can outrank my competitors and be page 1 rank 1. So far just completed the course. I feel that Alan’s course is very informative, very engaging, a lot of hands-on work and I learnt a lot. I… Read More »

📱 Google Play Keyword Research for ASO with Free Tools

Hi! This is the Daily Overpass! My name is Eric and I make apps! Now today, we’re going to talk a little bit about keyword research for Google Play. Alright. So, yesterday I talked a little bit about the difference between searchers and browsers. You know, a lot of times, when we develop our apps… Read More »

SEO Scams: How to Identify and Avoid SEO Scammers

Hi, my name is Rob Arkell, Sales and Marketing Director here at Koozai, and today I wanted to talk to you about some of the top SEO scams that we’ve seen in 2011. Unfortunately in our industry we are subject to charlatans and certainly not just individuals, but also agencies that do take advantage of… Read More »

The Best Google Search Tricks for 2020

In this clip we are gonna talk about the best Google search tricks for 2020 and beyond- but before we do don’t forget to hit the subscribe and bell button if you’re coming from YouTube and if you’re coming from any other channel don’t forget to subscribe if you want to grow faster because that’s… Read More »

How To Rank Better in Google Search | #1 SEO Tip

Hey everyone, this is Jake Burns with the Bigger Better Biz channel We’re going to go over my favorite tip for growing your traffic with Seo, so let’s jump in. My favorite way to improve your seo is with Page Titles right there, and with your Meta description you can change on your website. I’ll… Read More »