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Boost Posts on Facebook – Common Issues | SEO | SMM

hey everyone and welcome to another SEO tutorial this was going to be about Facebook and how to boost a post a little more efficient we have a good number of clients who’ve been doing this for a good number of years and a wide variety and we’re seeing some of the same issues or… Read More »

Get more customers by sharing business information on Google | Google My Business

Waiting for new customers? Get them directly to your shop… with this. And that too, free. Now see. This photo upload on Google is..for those customers who first look-it-up at home… and then show up at the shop. … and this offer is for those customers, who smile when they get double the happiness This… Read More »

11 Reasons You Should Use Google My Business

Google My Business is for local businesses who offer a product or service in their area. If you own an e-commerce site, your youtuber, a blogger or even instafamous this is not for you. If you have an actual brick-and-mortar store, where people can walk into your business and buy a product. Google My Business… Read More »

GMB SEO – How To Get Multiple Google My Business Listings

Hello my name is chris palmer and in today’s video I will teach you how to get multiple google my business location listings verified not only will I teach you how to get multiple google my business listings but we will cover how to get those GMB verified for your business. So In this video… Read More »

Google My Business is one of your business strongest assets

Google loves to be the authority in search and they achieve that by offering their free GMB service customers will easily find your business media rich utilizing properly optimized photos and videos on your gmb is extremely wise and useful Google understands that customers are visual by nature and want to read as little as… Read More »

Google My Business: How to setup and rank higher in 2020

hi there I’m Jay and today I want to talk to you about our central guide to optimizing Google my business listings when you create your company’s web page it’s not going with confidence and high hopes the site will be a big success you want to be able to meet all the goals you’ve… Read More »

BTFOOM Services iPad Recording | SEO

hello and welcome to another SEO tutorial this one is about how to create audio on your iPad why do we want to do this why create an audio well because it can be very helpful in to a business owner who wants to send the audio narration let’s say for a video to your… Read More »

SEO predictions for 2020 | Canonical Chronicle

– In 2020, SEO will be a very tough egg to crack. – We’re gonna try and crack an egg on the sidewalk to see if it will cook. (egg cracks) – Nope! – It comes that time of year when SEOs are startin’ to quietly implement their newly learned highly scientific optimizations for 2020… Read More »