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Getting It Right With Keyword Research – Perrin Carrell

Alright everyone thanks for tuning into another Stukent Expert Session. We are here with Perrin Carrell who has been on my radar for a few months now. Just to give you a little background I have been a follower and listener to Perrin Carrell and Spencer Hozes website called nichepursuits and then are pumping out… Read More »

⚡ NinjaTube Keywords YouTube SEO Tool herramienta para Android

Do you have a YouTube channel? … Do you want to make it grow? Do you want to increase the visits of your videos? … NinjaTube is your tool … NinjaTube allows you to get the keywords of any YouTube video thus being able to collect data from even your most direct competitors NinjaTube helps… Read More »

The Google Gamble – Google.com Search Engine Optimization SEO Book for Small Business

The Google Gamble is a book about the myth of SEO. It’s about debunking that myth and figuring out how it really works. In other words what is SEO in layman’s terms? How does it work? What can I hope to get out of it? And an understanding that at its heart SEO is a… Read More »

Get Started with Google Ads: Pick The Right Keywords

So you’ve created your first search campaign. The next step is to set up ad groups, keywords and ads. Let’s get started. Now, a campaign is a collection of ad groups. “What’s that?” we hear you say. An ad group is just a collection of keywords and their ads. Going back to our flower shop… Read More »