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Levi’s & Google design first smart jacket – Jacquard Technology

Project Jacquard is a team at Google that focuses on making interactions with technology more natural. The motivation behind this is really simple, Google needs products that make it easier for you to use your devices. Whether that’s through touch screens or voice commands or digital assistants.. it all allows you to use your tech… Read More »

Google Glass How-to: Getting Started

Here are the basics of how to use Glass This is your touchpad It runs from your temple to your ear Tap the touchpad to wake up Glass You should see the display above your line of sight Adjust it to see everything The Home screen shows a clock This is your timeline. It’s a… Read More »


– (man) I love having technology strapped to my face. – (Ian) SHUT UP! (alarm clocks sounding) (yawning) Whoa– what the hell?! (stammers) What the hell is this? – (announcer) These are Google Glasses, the newest piece of technology that will change the way everyone lives. – When did I start wearing these ugly glasses?… Read More »

Google Glass Human

You may have seen or heard about the experimental product known as Google Glass, the product of the future. At first, it does everything your phone can do in your glasses. But here at Google, we’ve finally teamed up with the makers of the iPod Human and iNavigator to bring you the brand-new, highly advanced,… Read More »


♪ (ragtime music) ♪ (Finebros) Okay, so we’re doing something different this time. – Oh, good. – (Finebros) You’re not watching a video. I’m not? (Finebros) Instead, you are reacting to this device. Oh god. I’m supposed to take it? Okay. Kinda weird. Looks like a science fiction movie. I think you can see a… Read More »