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Introducing a new Google Docs

Google Docs lets you create, share, and collaborate on documents online. Instead of creating a document, sending it as an attachment, receiving multiple revisions, and then having to merge edits, with Google Docs, everyone works on the same version in real time. And Google Docs just got better with rebuilt editers for documents, spreadsheets, and… Read More »

How To Write A Book In Google Docs [2020]

In this video, I’ll be sharing how to use Google Docs to format your manuscript These are the same formatting guidelines that have helped my clients to become published authors. Today you’re going to learn why aspiring writers are ditching expensive writing software and using this free alternative! And a bonus tip on how to… Read More »

How to Organize Your Business Files Using Google Drive

– In this video, I’m gonna show you the best way to organize all of your digital business files. Hey, everyone. Megan here from meganminns.com, where I help busy entrepreneurs like you save time while running their business. As business owners, it can be very easy to let all of your digital and electronic files… Read More »

Accessibility Menu in Google Docs- Using the Speak Menu

Hello everyone. It is James from the Visual Impairment Team in Devon. In this video I am going to demonstrate part of the Accessibility menu in Google Docs. Google Docs is part of Google Drive- Google’s online storage system with a version of Microsoft Office built in. The system is very accessible which is fantastic… Read More »