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Google Developers has reached 2M subscribers!

Building on Google Cloud with SeMI Technologies – Stack Chat

Google Data Center 360° Tour

[electronic music] Sandeep: Hi. My name is Sandeep, a developer advocate on the Google Cloud platform. Welcome to the Google Data Center at the Dalles, Oregon. Take a look around. Before we go inside, we need to make sure that we have the appropriate security clearance. Most Google employees can’t even get in here. So… Read More »

Analyze sentiment of open-ended feedback and gain insights in Google Sheets – Sheets to Apps

How to host WordPress website on Google Cloud in 8 Minutes

since google start giving away free credits hosting website on google cloud platform is really interesting especially if you are a small to medium traffic website and this video will show you how to set up a wordpress on GCP in just a few minutes let’s check it out here’s the Google cloud platform and… Read More »

Introducing Google Actual Cloud Platform

What is the cloud? It’s data. It’s scalable. It’s elastic. It’s servers, databases, and hard drives. But it’s bound in physical data centers. We’re going to unveil something that completely changes the way you think about cloud. You know public cloud and you may know private cloud. And you might even know about hybrid clouds,… Read More »