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Coding Challenge #147: Chrome Dinosaur Game (with Speech Commands machine learning model!)

(upbeat piano music) – Ah! Okay, hello and welcome to a coding challenge, Google Chrome dinosaur game edition. Unfortunately I don’t have my train whistle. I didn’t bring it with me today, so this is definitely not gonna go well. Not that any of my coding challenges ever go well, but I’m gonna give this… Read More »

11.3: Chrome Extensions: Content Scripts – Programming with Text

Internet Browsers Won’t Open Webpages: How to Fix Proxy Server Errors 🌐🚫💻

Hello everybody! This video will tell you what to do if your browser won’t open websites, while Skype, cloud services and other Internet applications do not have any problems. I would like to note that these recommendations will be suitable for all popular web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Yandex Browser, Microsoft Edge and… Read More »

How to Enable or Disable Pop-ups in Google Chrome Browser

Hello welcome to my video on how to enable or disable pop-ups within Google Chrome. Let’s get started. Open up your Google Chrome browser, click on the three black bars at the top right hand corner of the screen, go down to Settings, roll to the bottom of the screen click on show advanced settings.… Read More »

Las Mejores Extensiones para Google Chrome 2019 – Angel Davinci Pro

Access Tor .onion Sites in Google Chrome

Hello everyone, it’s Adam A Comedy here. Today I’m going to show you how to access Tor websites in Google Chrome. So first you need to go to your settings, so click here and go to “Settings”. Then click “Extensions”, and “Get more extensions”. You wanna search the Chrome Web Store for “skyzip”. It should… Read More »

How to FIND FONTS used in a web page 🔎

so you’re doing your thing browsing the web and you stumble upon the slickest font combo but you cannot identify that typeface well I’m gonna show you exactly how to find those fonts. hey it’s Rob from One Page Love and this is the first of hopefully many tutorials on my youtube channel that start… Read More »

📷 Темная тема Google Chrome на Android – современно и стильно

Enable dark mode in Google Chrome

Google Pixel 3A review: a $399 phone with a great camera

– There’s new Google phones! This is the Pixel 3a, and then there is a slightly bigger Pixel 3a XL. And, here’s what you need to know right at the top of this review. This is a solid phone that costs 400 bucks, and it has a great camera. That combination of those three things… Read More »