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博主你还在为上字幕而烦恼吗?2020年完全免费Google AI自动语音转字幕,简单快捷

Camels, Code & Lab Coats: How AI Is Advancing Science and Medicine

man: There’s been many innovations over the years that drive science. If you go back in history, many scientific insights actually derived from new tools that were able to measure new things. AI is very, very good at finding new paths that haven’t been seen before. It’s almost an enhancement on our ability to sense… Read More »

Will This Trick Your Mind? (Artificial Intelligence TEST)

This episode is supported by SimpliSafe. Which of these three faces do you think is the oldest? A, B, or C? The answer is actually none of them, because none of these people were ever born. These faces were all generated by artificial intelligence. Now, thinking about artificial intelligence, look carefully at these two paintings.… Read More »