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AccuQuilt Embroidery Tutorial with the GO! Camper Die!

Thanks for joining me for this embroidery tutorial on how to use the new GO! Camper die. So first of all, quilters, I have created my camper spot block. I’ve put it in my hoop and added stabilizer. Now for today I’m going to actually use red thread so you can all see what it… Read More »

013 HTML Links and Anchor Tags

Now if we compare our current site against John Klein because the only major difference that you will see now is that his has a whole bunch of hyperlinks interspersed in the home page whereas ours is completely devoid of any hyperlinks. So if we think back to what HVM else stands for. We’ve talked… Read More »

[#XKisses] (ENG/SPA/IND) Seo In Guk♥Jung So Min Kissing Scenes | #TheSmileHasLeftYourEyes | #Diggle

(X-Rated Kisses) (An unexpected first kiss) (A sweet and affectionate bed scene) You’re not asleep? No I can’t sleep We don’t even have enough time to sleep (An unexpected kiss for Jung So Min) That’s it You should go I’m not going anywhere It doesn’t matter even if I leave I’m always going to come… Read More »

Jung Rok & Yoon Seo | Waiting [+1×13/14]

I heard… why you decided… to break up with me. I’m more sacred about losing you… than losing an opportunity in this industry… because of a scandal. Mr. Kwon… Don’t mind what the people say. I believe that you’ll win this case. When things were rough for me… he gave me strength by my side.… Read More »

Page Objects: Intro to section regarding dealing with large web pages (Free Course 2018)

We are about to get into the final section of our quest to drastically improve our page objects and tackle all of the most common problems that selenium web driver automation engineers experience as they write their functional tests in this section and we’re going to learn how to create simple page objects from complex… Read More »

Traffic Court Tips : How to Prepare a Defense for Traffic Court

You have received a traffic court citation and you’ve decided you’re going to go defend it yourself. Hello, I’m Robert Todd and I’m here to answer the question how to prepare your defense for traffic court. Well obviously you’ve already made the consideration that this ticket is worth fighting over and you’ve also decided that… Read More »