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Make Your Own Website With These Website Building Tools | GoDaddy

So you’ve decided to build your own website. Go you! In this video, we’ll introduce some tool options for do-it-yourselfers, and how to determine which is right for you. GoDaddy offers three tools for folks who want to build their own websites, but do not know how to code: Website Builder, Online Store, and Managed… Read More »

Add a Web Page in Website Builder 7 | GoDaddy

You loved your Website Builder theme when you chose it, but now you need more pages. No problem. This video will show you how to add pages to your website. We’ll use Molly’s Bark and Wine website as our example. Molly, the business owner, has completely customized her basic Website Builder theme into a great… Read More »

How to Edit Content on Your GoDaddy WordPress Website | GoDaddy Help

The quickest and easiest way to customize content in your GoDaddy WordPress website is using the Page Builder tool. Let’s see how! Page Builder is only used to edit content in the body of a theme; changes in the header or footer are done through the Customizer. To start, open the Page Builder tool. The… Read More »

How to Add Images to Your Website in Website Builder 7 | GoDaddy

Adding images is a great way to transform a theme into your personal website. This video shows you how to add graphics in Website Builder 7. If you’re just starting out, your website probably still has some placeholder graphics that were included in the theme you chose – like this one. For some people, the… Read More »

How to Design a Website | GoDaddy

Building a website can seem overwhelming… what pages you need and what should you put on them? In this video, we’ll show you a simple website design that any small business can use. A good small business website is usually made up of five core pages: Home, Products and Services, About Us, Testimonials, and Contact.… Read More »

What Is The Difference Between A Domain Name And A Website? | GoDaddy

Hi there. In this video, you’ll learn the difference between a domain and a website. While domains and websites are closely connected, they are two very different things. After registering a domain, you need to do something with it, put it to work for you. Your domain can be used for a website, for an… Read More »

How to Make a GoDaddy WordPress Website | GoDaddy

In this video, we’ll introduce you to GoDaddy’s WordPress Websites, a new application that allows anyone to build a full-featured, interactive WordPress website. Really! WordPress is one the world’s most popular website building applications, offering the power and flexibility to build sites exactly as you want them, with just about any feature you can imagine.… Read More »

How To Use A Domain To Create A New Website | GoDaddy

You found a great domain name and registered it. Now what? How about using it to create a new website? Don’t worry; it’s easier than it sounds. GoDaddy offers an all-in-one solution to help you build a website or online store. It includes hosting to make your site visible and functional on the internet, and… Read More »

How to Add Website Sections to Your Site | GoDaddy GoCentral

Your website should handle all the information you want to share, right? This video shows you how to add sections in GoCentral Website Builder and make them your own. When you first get your GoCentral site, it’s one scrolling page divided into sections: a Header, About Us section, Subscribe field, Contact Us form, and a… Read More »

Website Backup Using cPanel | GoDaddy

Hi there! In this video, you learn how to create a backup of your website using the hosting platform, cPanel. You’ve got a great looking website that you’ve put a ton of time and energy into; don’t risk losing it. If you have a website, it’s imperative you regularly back up your site – that… Read More »