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You Ask, I Answer: Discrepancies Between Facebook and Google Analytics?

Christopher Penn: In today’s episode Enoch asks, Why do I see such huge discrepancies between Facebook ads and Google Analytics? Facebook says my dad got 451 clicks and Google says the corresponding landing page got 58 clicks from Facebook, what’s going on? This is very common questions a very common situation. People have with reporting… Read More »

How To Track The Initial Traffic Source with GTM (feat. Julius Fed from AnalyticsMania)

In this video, Julius is going to show you how you can track the initial source from where your user came from in Google Analytics. All and more, coming up. Hey there and welcome back to another video of measureschool.com teaching you the data-driven way of digital marketing. My name is Julian. But today we… Read More »

Google Analytics Beginner Tips from 7 Experts at Measurecamp London

– In this video, we asked seven measure experts what their number one Google Analytics tip would be for Google Analytics beginners. All and more coming up right after this. (upbeat music) Hi there and welcome to another video of measureschool.com where we teach you the data driven way of digital marketing. My name is… Read More »