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Maps Live: Place Autocomplete in the Google Maps JavaScript API

Hello, and welcome to this episode of Google Developers Live. I’m Sarah Maddox from the Google Maps Developer Relations team. In this video you will learn how to add a place autocomplete widget to a map created with the Google Maps JavaScript API. I’ll also show you how an autocompete widget can be useful even… Read More »

Test-Driven Development on Android with the Android Testing Support Library (Google I/O ’17)

Web Performance Testing at YouTube

Hi. I’m Rick Viscomi, and I make YouTube fast. In this video, I’m going to share how we test web performance and a few tips for doing the same on your own website. The two test methodologies that we’re going to look at are real user monitoring, or RUM, and synthetic testing. Real user monitoring,… Read More »

Polymer: Interacting with Google Services using nothing but HTML

Hey guys, I’m Eric Bidelman. I’m a staff developer relations engineer working on Polymer at Google. So in this video I’m going to talk to you about how you can use Polymer and Web Components to interact with some of Google’s most popular APIs and services just by writing a little bit of HTML. The… Read More »

Staying off the Rocks: Using Lighthouse to Build Seaworthy Progressive Web Apps (Google I/O ’17)

YouTube Developers Live: Understanding Quota in v3

Hi folks, this is Jeff Posnick from the YouTube developer relations team. And I’m coming at you with another episode of YouTube Developers Live. We’re going to continue our series of shows focusing on the ways developers can move from version 2 of our data API, to the newer version 3. And today’s topic covers… Read More »

PlayBytes: App Visibility and Search

Hi. I’m Dan Lavelle from the Google Play Developer Operations team. We get a lot of questions from developers about app visibility and search on Google Play. While we can’t reveal every ingredient in the secret sauce, I want to cover some tips to set you up for success. The first thing you should do… Read More »

Stand Out on Google Search Using Structured Data and Search Analytics (Google I/O ’17)

[MUSIC PLAYING] ANDRE VALENTE: Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome to our session on stand out on Google Search with structured data and Search Analytics. My name is Andre Valente. I’m a technical program manager in Search. And this is Duncan Osborn, a product manager in Search. Thanks for joining us today. So the first thing I… Read More »