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SEO for Multilingual Sites: Fatal Errors vs Best Practices | SEO COURSE 2020 【Lesson #31】

If doing SEO on a website can be complex, approaching a multilingual project is even more difficult. I will now share the main steps that I generally apply when dealing with these situations. I tell upfront that this type of SEO projects is not suitable for beginners, but I will do my best to explain… Read More »

HTTPS and SSL Certificates: Yes or No? | SEO COURSE 2020 【Lesson #11】

As you may have noticed, in recent years, there has been a massive marketing campaign concerning the fact that HTTPS is now an SEO factor and everyone must follow it. In short, when I hear these dogmas, I usually want to see it clearly. I anticipate right away that I haven’t switched any of my… Read More »

How Do You Start A Web Page For Free? With My Free Tools!

How Do You Start A Web Page For Free? How do you start a webpage for free? Just downlaod my free tools and resources TODAY! You can grab my blockbuster give-a-way offer right now before it closes! Try to find the right information to make a web page for free can be very tiring as… Read More »

Web Performance Testing at YouTube

Hi. I’m Rick Viscomi, and I make YouTube fast. In this video, I’m going to share how we test web performance and a few tips for doing the same on your own website. The two test methodologies that we’re going to look at are real user monitoring, or RUM, and synthetic testing. Real user monitoring,… Read More »

HTML Tutorial – 06 – Links

The anchor elementlets us create links. We choose the destination for a link by setting the hypertext reference attribute (href) to an URL, which is an internet address. This address can link to any type of file, not just other web pages. Some files can be viewed directly in the browser – such as text… Read More »

Idhu Enna Maayam – Tamil Full Movie | Vikram Prabhu, Keerthy Suresh | G. V. Prakash Kumar

Wait for me, if you are not too scared. I know that’s why you are running away from me. Constantly changing places. Wait for me, if you are not too scared. I know that’s why you are running away from me. Constantly changing places. Hey! How was your scene? Wonderful response. – Lot of applause.… Read More »

How to Create Registration Form in HTML – Easy Step

[Music] Hello Programmer, Myself Nawaraj Shah And in this video I gonna help you to make a simple registration form just using html code at first open your html editor I suggest you to use sublime text then create a new file and save this file on dot html extension Now I gonna write a… Read More »

Gay Love in Nazi Germany Part 1 (German + English Subtitles! Gay Kiss Scene 1080p HD)

Lohmann! It’s a small world. Don’t you remember me? Operation Iskra. I served in the medical company 161 under surgeon major Dr. Weidner. Marquardt. I’m the new student apprentice. – Otto Marquardt. – Exactly. Just shut your mouth! I’m getting into a hell of a mess! I didn’t say you did it yourself. I didn’t!… Read More »