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삼성버전 인덕션? 카메라 성능에 몰빵한 삼성 갤럭시 S20 | S20+ | S20 Ultra 전모델 달라진점 살펴보기!

[This video contains an ad.] I’ll catch the culprit who hit my car and flew! ??? : That annoying bastard ??? : That bastard I caught you! I’ll catch you with a 100x zoom. [ITSub’s All it is here] [Electronics-lover ITSub’s All it is here] Hello! It’s ITSub. As Samsung’s new unpack has proceeded today… Read More »

What’s the Monkey number of the Rubik’s cube?

Welcome to another Mathologer video. Today’s video should be of interest to everybody who loves twisty puzzles as well as all hardcore Mathologer fans. In 2010, thirty years after the Rubik’s Cube rocked the puzzle world it was finally proven that God’s number for the Rubik’s Cube is 20. What this means is that every… Read More »

How a DNS Server (Domain Name System) works.

In the world of networking, computers don’t go by names like humans do, they go by numbers, because that’s how computers and other similar devices talk and identify with each other over a network, which is by using numbers such as IP addresses. Humans on the other hand are accustomed to using names instead of… Read More »

Office 365 vs Google Apps for Work

So! You’re moving to the cloud Making the move to a cloud based, all-in-one business IT solution is a smart move and one that will boost your business’s productivity and flexibility The two powerhouse names when it comes to cloud based business It solutions are Office 365 and Google Apps for Work Office 365 and… Read More »

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Phonics Song with TWO Words – A For Apple – ABC Alphabet Songs with Sounds for Children

A for Apple, A for Ant B for Bat, B for Ball C for Cat and C for Cup D for Dog, D for Dots E for Egg and E for Elephant F for Frog, F for Fish G for Goat and G for Grass H for Hand, H for Hat I for Ink and… Read More »

Sam Smith – How Do You Sleep? (Official Video)

How to check oman traffic VIOLATION fine and payment online


Why to use meaningful HTML tags, also known as semantic HTML

Now the second principle that will help set a foundation for our next steps is the idea that we should use HTML tags that are meaningful to the content that we’re wrapping them around. In our simple case this means using H1 tags for our heading, and P tags for our paragraph, instead of Div… Read More »