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Phil Mitchell punches a homophobe and Callum gets his man ❤️ | EastEnders – BBC

Did you want something? Look, Ben, I might be a… Baby gay. ..a baby gay but I am a fully-grown man and I know myself better than anyone, so you don’t get to tell me whether I’m ready or not. Well, that’s great, Callum, but we’re, erm, trying to have a drink here… Ben Mitchell,… Read More »

The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.79 (2015.06.14)

Let’s go to Tokyo to see Sarang. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear dad. Dad? It’s Yuto’s birthday. Happy birthday to you! Okay. Goodness… – There. / – There. Who’s going to help? Me! Okay, one second… Then… Should I make it or not? Here. – Mix. / – I’ll do it. Mix it… Read More »