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What Is a Sitemap? (and How To Submit One to Search Console)

– And then finally you wanna go to Google Search Console to submit your Sitemap and any kind of related Sitemaps and then instantly Google will rank all of your pages for 10 keywords at number one. (rewinding sound-effect) In this video we’re gonna look at what a Sitemap is and how you submit one… Read More »

How to Spy on Your Competitors’ Digital Marketing Campaigns

– If you’re fundamentally devious, then listen up ’cause in this video, we’re gonna take a look at how to spy on your competitors’ digital marketing. (laughs) (upbeat drum music) (air whooshing) (icon beeping) What’s up, people? Tim from Exposure Ninja here and in this video, we’re gonna look at how to spy on your… Read More »

FREE Marketing Review – What’s Included?

– If you’re looking to generate more leads and sales to your websites, then congrats, you’re in the right place. Welcome to the world famous Exposure Ninja free website and digital marketing review. My name’s Tim, I’m head ninja at Exposure Ninja. No I know what you’re probably thinking, “Great, a website review. “I put… Read More »

SEO and PPC Testimonial | Educare Review Their Work With Exposure Ninja

(light instrumental music) – My name is Emily Finlyson, and I’m a digital marketing executive for Educare. Educare specializes in online e-learning programs around safeguarding and duty of care topics. Educare have been working with Exposure Ninja for about three years now, since 2013, and we’d be very happy to work for another three years… Read More »

Exposure Ninja Testimonial | Logican Solutions

– My name is Yaakov Smith, my business is called Logican, and we provide, and develop, and support software for businesses to help them be more efficient. We’ve got software for claims management companies, for legal firms, for property management companies, for debt management companies, even for funeral plan management companies. And we provide software… Read More »

How to Easily Increase Online Sales for a Small Business

– If you’re a small business and you need to generate more leads and sales from your website, then in this video I’m gonna show you a process that you can use to do exactly that. (dramatic music) Any visitor to your website needs to go through a very specific process in order to become… Read More »