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If you want to export your Gdevelop 5 game as an Html 5 game first click on project manager and then click on game settings click on properties and what you are going to do is you have to set your package name if you haven’t done that it’s not going to work you’re going… Read More »

Export your full page web UI mockups from Illustrator 2017 – Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 [34/45]

Hi, my name is Dan. In this video… we’re going to be using Illustrator to build UI and web graphics. There’s lots of free stuff here on my channel, please subscribe. Hit the little bell next to this subscribe button to get notifications. If you want more, loads more. Check out bringyourownlaptop.com or check out… Read More »

Why China Doesn’t Want Your Trash Anymore

This video is sponsored by Audible! Listen to a free audiobook with the link in the description. Every year, about 60 million people visit mainland China from around the world. Mostly, to Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. These, not coincidentally, are unofficially known as Tier One cities – they have large urban populations, fast-growing economies,… Read More »

Japan approves exports of etching gas to S. Korea for the first time since imposing …

Japan has approved the export of etching gas to South Korea,… a key component needed to make semiconductors. It is the first time Tokyo has given the greenlight to the material’s export since imposing trade restrictions in July. However, the Korean government says Japan’s move does not signify a change in stance regarding the two… Read More »