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11분 동안 딸을 놀리는 독일 아빠 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Hi guys. I’m a Korean living in Germany with a German family. Since I took the daughter of this family… Since I took the daughter’s room, 2 weeks has past already. There were many stories, but I didn’t have time to edit them. So now trying to decide with one to edit… I thought it’d… Read More »

현실 국제 부부

When Art & Sola didn’t reveal marriage, I sometimes felt wrong editing the moment with them, so I didn’t upload. Today’s video was filmed in January but I didn’t use it. Now that they talked about their marriage, so I thought it’d make more sense. This is so soft. I like traveling close countries. It’s… Read More »

30살 나는 27살이었던 나의 생각에 동의할까?

Hi everyone. When I first started Youtube, my parents and friends were expecting me to get a company job. I was not only scared of doing Youtube, but didn’t know how to figure it out. And this is my 4th year of doing Youtube. Meanwhile, some of my thought have changed and the others didn’t.… Read More »

2주간 자가 격리를 시작합니다 (중국 방문자입니다…)

I bought a ticket to Shanghai on Dec 27, 2019. The schedule is from Jan 25 to Jan 31, 2020. I visited Shanghai because my father worked there Going to Shanghai was the only option our family could gather for the holiday. At this date, I wasn’t worried about the virus. But around this time,… Read More »

외모지상주의는 아이돌 탓일까?

Nothing. You have. / Ah Naruto??? I’m procrastinating ‘cuz I have exams tho.

러시아, 캐나다, 한국의 시골 사람 배틀 (누가누가 더 끔찍한가?)

What are you gonna do? He’s calling Mickey. Art, please stand here. It says ‘No Penis’. Art! Let’s take a picture here! It’s like a competition for ‘who has the most horrible life?’ I think I won when it comes to temperature gap at least. The gap throughout the year. You happy ‘cuz you won?… Read More »