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Etsy SEO Strategy 2020 FAQ (Etsy Longtail Focus Keywords, Marmalead, Etsy SEO)

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Marmalead Review / Tutorial (Etsy SEO with Marmalead)

What’s up Etsy sellers?! welcome back to my channel thanks for joining me today if you’re new to my channel please consider subscribing I do new videos all the time so today I want to make a video on marmalade and its new feature that has been introduced in the past couple of days it’s… Read More »

Etsy SEO: Etsy Algorithm Changes

So Etsy SEO and algorithm changes can be super scary.. They can cause you to lose money if you don’t know what to do you can continue losing money and definitely freak out in this video I’m going to review how to overcome any algorithm change as well as the changes that happened in late… Read More »

Etsy Seo Tips: Mistakes YOU might make on your Etsy listings SEO

So there are a ton of mistakes being made out there when it comes to Etsy SEO. In this video I want to go over some of the main ones that cause the most problems what’s going on Etsy sellers thanks for coming back to my channel today and if you’re new to my channel… Read More »

ETSY 2018 SEO Update: 5 things you need to know

There have been some big changes on the Etsy platform this year and the biggest one by far is the recent changes in the search algorithm that was announced last month in September by the Etsy team. So what are those SEO changes and what does it mean for your handmade shop? Let’s dive in.… Read More »