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Etsy SEO 2019. Etsy Listing Descriptions

Etsy SEO in 2019 what is the point of descriptions hey I’m Pam Duthie and this is a series on Etsy SEO in 2019 don’t forget to stay to the end to find the cards to take you to the other videos in this playlist but today let’s ever think about what is the point… Read More »

Etsy SEO: How I use Marmalead as a successful Etsy seller.

What’s up Etsy sellers? Welcome back to my channel. My name is Dave if you’re new to this channel please consider subscribing I do new videos all the time on Etsy and business success in this video I want to show you guys how I personally use marma lead I get a lot of questions… Read More »

Etsy Seo Tips: Mistakes YOU might make on your Etsy listings SEO

So there are a ton of mistakes being made out there when it comes to Etsy SEO. In this video I want to go over some of the main ones that cause the most problems what’s going on Etsy sellers thanks for coming back to my channel today and if you’re new to my channel… Read More »