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The Big Bug Eating Industry of China (Part 2)

These are expensive. Right now one egg is worth five mao [8 cents]. Five mao for such a tiny egg? Yes. Because an adult doudan worm can be sold for 10 yuan [$150], the profit margins are high. The first step of doudan farming is to stick the doudan moth’s eggs onto this paper. Then… Read More »

Is REI actually sustainable? (Are they even a co-op?)

This video is sponsored by Dashlane In 1935, it was pretty hard to find good ice axes. At least that’s how Mary and Lloyd Anderson felt when they decided to cut out the middlemen and purchase a pair of quality axes directly from Austrian manufacturers for the low price of $3.50. With axes in hand,… Read More »

Summer Employment Opportunities with the Ontario Government

[Young female writing on paper at a desk.] Think government jobs are boring? [TITLE: Elizabeth Malcolm – Student/Learn To Camp Leader] Think again! This summer I get to drive a UTV! [Elizabeth – now outside driving a UTV] Play in the dirt! [Elizabeth – outside planting saplings] and get a little wild! [Elizabeth – outside… Read More »

Ratan Tata: Moving the Tata Group Beyond India

[MUSIC] Ratan, thank you so much for joining us today. It’s an honor to speak with you. And I know I speak for many here in the audience when I say that we’ve been looking forwards to this for quite some time.>>Thank you [INAUDIBLE].>>I wanted to start at the beginning of your career. As the… Read More »