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What Happens If You’re Quarantined?

Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin! Due to the increasing news surrounding the coronavirus, the subject of quarantines has been popping up a lot lately. And I’m sure you’re wondering: what exactly happens when you are quarantined? Generally, quarantines are used as a preventative measure where otherwise healthy people who may have come into contact… Read More »

Why You Should Never Visit The Dark Web

This episode is brought to you by Dashlane; Try Dashlane Premium free for 30 days at www.dashlane.com/infographics and never forget another password and keep all your online accounts secure! As we’ve said in previous shows, not everyone using the dark web is doing something criminal. In some ways this corner of the Internet gets a… Read More »

Horrifying Internet Websites You Should Avoid At All Cost

Right now, you are just one click away from something creepy or absolutely terrifying. There are many websites devoted to death, destruction, and horrors that once you visit you may never be the same. We have taken it upon ourselves to warn you of the dangers and what sites you should avoid if you can.… Read More »

Discovering Dolphins | What Sam Sees

How Close Are We to Curing HIV/AIDS?

[TRACE]In the 90s, we heard about the AIDS epidemic on every local newscast. We were irrationally afraid of toilet seats, pay phones, even kissing people; sex became scary. And while we don’t see those Public Service Announcements anymore… AIDS hasn’t gone away. It’s still a global epidemic. To date, over 39 Million people have died… Read More »

What It’s Like to Be Incarcerated at Age 16 | Gateways

How to not drive your car/CAR FAILS/Idiots in cars #3 January 2020

How Air Traffic Control Works

This video was made possible by Hover. Buy your domain before its gone for 10% off by going to hover.com/Wendover. This is Heathrow Airport—Britain’s Busiest. Each day, about 650 flights take off from one of its two runways. At the busiest times, this represents one aircraft every 45 seconds. Of those 650, about twenty flights… Read More »

TuTiTu Toys | Phone

TUTITU what’s the new surprise TUTITU shapes in every size TUTITU parts that comes together to a new toy and a new adventure TU TU TUTITU is it a plane? TU TU TUTITU maybe a train TU TU TUTITU red green or blue TU TU TUTITU I love you [cheerful piano music] [boing sound] [whooshing… Read More »