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How to guarantee the top spot on Google Search results!

– I’m thinking there’s gotta be a quick way, like, you know, people who wanna work the system and they wanna get on that first page of Google, like, right away. – So you wanna know if its possible to get on the first page of Google really fast. Yeah, there’s different ways of doing… Read More »

SEO? Search Optimization? Come on. Cut the crap.

Greg, here, from Mtek. This week’s SEO Tip: Cut the crap. As we’ve talked about before, performance is a big factor in your ability to rank well, whether that be on Google or Bing or anywhere else—predominantly on Google. And since Google has such a huge piece of the search market, well, getting that right… Read More »

What is SEO and why is it important to your business?

– So what is SEO? (clicking) Search engine optimization, SEO, is, traditionally a lot of people think of it as smoke and mirrors. They’re like, “Oh, there’s some mystical art “and magic that’s occurring that these people “do on my website and stuff in order “to get me increased visibility on Google “so I can… Read More »

Structured Data and your SEO Strategy

This week’s tip: Structured Data Happy Tuesday! Greg, here, from Mtek Digital. Today we’re going to talk about structured data. Now, structured data. What does that mean? Structured data is the application of semantic data to your webpages to provide more information to search engines and crawlers that come to visit your page. There are… Read More »