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7 Ways We Know What’s Inside the Earth

[♪ INTRO] In 2003, the journal Nature published a paper describing a rather unusual proposal. The author suggested that scientists use a nuke to crack open the Earth’s crust and then toss in a vibrating, grapefruit-sized recorder filled with scientific instruments. The whole mess would sink through molten rock and metal until it reached the… Read More »

Earth View in Google Maps

Over 600 million people have used Google Earth to explore the world around them. They’ve traveled to the highest mountains and to the depths of the ocean. They’ve seen the world’s tallest buildings and the busiest cities. And they’ve even been transported to ancient times in faraway lands. Now, we’re bringing all of this stunning… Read More »

Google Earth for Android

>>BIRCH: Hi, I’m Peter Birch, Product Manager for Google Earth. And I’m here to show you our new Google Earth for Android App. Whether you’re planning an upcoming trip or simply interested in exploring new sites, Google Earth for mobile puts the world in the palm of your hand. Let’s start by opening Earth. To… Read More »