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How to Optimize For Google’s E A T Algorithm

– Google made a big change with their medic update. The medic update stops people who don’t have authority on a certain topic from ranking really well. Good example of this, I’m a marketer. If I write on surgeries and how you can cure yourself from all these problems like cancer, Google will not want… Read More »

Google June2019 core update Telugu | Google Search Engine Algorithm Update

Google core update 2019

L’E-A-T, un concept essentiel pour votre SEO ! Vidéo SEO Abondance N°132

Bonjour et bienvenue dans cette nouvelle vidéo Abondance dans laquelle je voulais vous parler d’un concept dont on entend parler de plus en plus souvent, c’est l’EAT certains disent “it” moi je dis EAT. C’est un concept qui je pense est aujourd’hui capital, essentiel pour votre SEO et pour votre visibilité sur les moteurs de… Read More »

What Is E-A-T? (and How To Optimise For It) 📑

– In this video we’ll be learning about what E-A-T is, where it comes from, why it’s so important to your website’s ranking, and how to optimise for it. (drums music) What’s up, people? It’s Tim from Exposure Ninja here. Firstly, what is E-A-T? Well, E-A-T stands for expertise, authority, and trust. This term actually… Read More »