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CNC Imprimée en 3D VS Aluminium de 16mm ?!

Video : Real speed Feedrate : 1800mm/min Spindle : 30000 RPM Bit : 6 mm Depth : 2 mm With Dust collector too high With Dust collector properly adjusted Much less dust Video : Real speed Feedrate : 1000mm/min Spindle : 10000 RPM Bit : 3.175 mm 1 flute Depth : 0.5 mm Video :… Read More »

Sci-Fi Short Film “Psychosis” presented by DUST

(typing) – [Narrator] It’s not that I don’t trust the computer. I just feel better writing this down somewhere I know it can’t be deleted or … changed. Not that that’s what’s happened. I haven’t left my apartment in a few days because of this programming project I’ve been working on. My eyes are starting… Read More »