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Drupal 8 SEO – Website SEO role

[Music] Hello and welcome. In any large organization you need in a SEO Manager, to deal with the SEO activities. This is a mid-level management position, who can deal with the communication, project management, management, online strategy and all that. Let us look at the responsibilities and activities that need to be done by a… Read More »

Drupal 8 SEO – A helpful Search Tool – Coffee

Hello and welcome In one of our previous episode we installed the admin toolbar. So you can navigate like this. The menu structure and this is what we install the project / admin_toolbar. Sometimes you don’t know where things are and there is another module available where you can actually do a search and that… Read More »

Drupal 8 SEO with Clean URL using Pathauto

Hello and welcome In this session we’re going to look at how to make a user friendly URLs, that is helpful for search engine optimization. When a user click on a link rather than showing some strange characters, we prefer to see the site name and the subject line. That is more user friendly and… Read More »

Drupal 8 SEO – Metatag module

[music] Hello and welcome. In this session we’re going to look at the of what is a meta-data. Meta-data is a set of data that describe and gives information about other data. Meta data is important for search engine in the optimisation. For example an article metadata describes who wrote it, what is it about,… Read More »