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Can YOU Build A Drone in 30 Minutes? | You Build It, You Keep It

– What am I doing wrong?! (laughs) – You’re on top of it. You’re on to– just go! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Well, Kendelle, today we’re gonna be playing another round of You Build It, You Keep It. – (claps) The goal is to keep it. (laughs) – (FBE) You’ll have 15 minutes… Read More »

The incredible inventions of intuitive AI | Maurice Conti

Translator: Leslie Gauthier Reviewer: Camille Martínez How many of you are creatives, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, artists, or maybe you just have a really big imagination? Show of hands? (Cheers) That’s most of you. I have some news for us creatives. Over the course of the next 20 years, more will change around the way we… Read More »

The Next Era of Aviation: Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management Convention

(sound of whirling propellors) Narrator: With issues about drones becoming front page news, NASA recently co-sponsored the 2015 Unmanned Aerial Systems Traffic Management Convention. Held at NASA’s Ames Research Center, the event brought together representatives from the public, industry, academia, government and the international community to shape the future of low-altitude air traffic management. Jaiwon… Read More »

Introducing new delivery technology from Google Express

With Google Express we’re constantly looking for ways to improve home delivery. Like everyone in our industry we were intrigued by the idea of drones. But we also asked ourselves: what if there’s another way? Drone technology is exciting… but it’s not ready. And that’s when the breakthrough happened. An autonomous delivery service that not… Read More »