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How To Choose the Best Domain Names

– When it comes to deciding the best domain names for your brand, most of us don’t really give it a second thought. In fact, we probably take it for granted. It’s easy to fall into the presumption that getting a domain name for your business is simply for setting up a website and nothing… Read More »

How to build a website for your business | GoDaddy

ANNOUNCER Welcome to Website Builder’s Designer view. Let’s get you online. ANNOUNCER You’ve already selected your theme — now it’s time to make this website your very own unique spot on the Internet. ANNOUNCER No two people or businesses are alike, so we’ve made sure you can customize just about every aspect of your site.… Read More »

How To Use A Domain To Create A New Website | GoDaddy

You found a great domain name and registered it. Now what? How about using it to create a new website? Don’t worry; it’s easier than it sounds. GoDaddy offers an all-in-one solution to help you build a website or online store. It includes hosting to make your site visible and functional on the internet, and… Read More »

Why Domain Rating is More Important Than PageRank – Google Search Console Guide

How to Create a WordPress Website for Free – Tutorial for Beginners

Welcome to this tutorial where we’re gonna create a WordPress website absolutely for free. You can easily create a blog or portfolio in such a way or test out your design project. First of all, we want a place to store the website data, so we need to get a free hosting. For this example,… Read More »

Correct Domain Forwarding for SEO

Hello, this is John Locke for Lockedown Design. Today, I want to talk with you for just a few minutes about domain forwarding with masking, what that is, and why you want to avoid it. “Domain Forwarding” Get it right for SEO. In the video we did directly before this one, we talked about buying… Read More »