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Can YOU Build A Drone in 30 Minutes? | You Build It, You Keep It

– What am I doing wrong?! (laughs) – You’re on top of it. You’re on to– just go! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Well, Kendelle, today we’re gonna be playing another round of You Build It, You Keep It. – (claps) The goal is to keep it. (laughs) – (FBE) You’ll have 15 minutes… Read More »

How To Properly Remove Ceramic Coating: Prep for Fresh Protectant! – Chemical Guys

– What’s going on, everybody? Thanks so much for tuning in for today’s episode of Detail Garage. I’m Nick, and this is Henry, and today we’re gonna be showing you guys the proper steps, and why it’s so important, to wash your vehicle. Especially on this brand new Acura NSX. (sci-fi music) Now the owner… Read More »

Backyard Garden Makeover – Creating a Shady Zen Oasis (Before & After)

What’s up everyone, Kevin here. So we’re in a spot in my garden that I almost never show you guys and this is my backyard and it’s hard to call it a garden because I don’t grow a whole lot. I have a bougainvillea here I’ve got a ficus, but there’s not a whole lot… Read More »

How to Choose the Right Combo of Product and Pad for Polishing! – Chemical Guys

– What’s up everybody? Welcome to Chemical Guys detail garage. Do you guys want your car to look its best as possible or you just want to know how to properly remove those scratches and swirls that give your car that awful look? Well stay tuned for today’s video. We’re going to show you the… Read More »

How To Apply Glaze, Sealant, And Wax With A Polisher – Chemical Guys

– Hey, what’s up guys. Welcome back to the Chemical Guys Detail Garage. So in our previous video, Nick went ahead and showed you guys how to properly polish out, or what compound or polish to choose when polishing out a surface. If you haven’t checked it out, I recommend you hop back, because it… Read More »

Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Microwave Again? • Tasty

How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring as a Beginner | Home Renovation

Welcome back to Fix This Build That. Today we’re installing vinyl plank flooring I’ve installed ceramic tile before but this is my first time doing laminate or vinyl flooring now I’ll be installing this in this laundry room and giving you all the beginner tips that I learned along the way I started by moving… Read More »

Vanderpump Rules’ Katie and Tom Home Makeover! | Mr. Kate OMG We’re Coming Over

Can’t wait to decorate there’s so much we can make how will it turn out? OMG, we’re coming over Open up. We’re here. Okay. You’re yelling like so loud. Hey everyone. Hey everyone. It’s the new high to wave with both hands This is the new Omg. “Omg we’re coming over” because in “omg we… Read More »

SEO For Dummies: How To Add YouTube SUBSCRIBE In Website / Blogspot

welcome youtubers today I’m gonna show you how to implement YouTube subscribe button in website / blogspot so, if you are watching this video from outer continental please turn on the CC closed captions to see what’s going with this video so, you can see this is my post in blogspot and, below the video… Read More »