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Как сделать брошь бант из бисера своими руками, мастер класс

Декор комнаты: ДОМИК с суккулентами, прозрачная КАРТИНА с сухоцветами и т.д. / DIY Eva-Konfetti

TopsCNC Heavy – Enorme CNC DIY Imprimée en 3D

After a first CNC… After more than one year of experimentations and try… After the first version of the TopsCNC… We dismantle everything… Here is the new TopsCNC Heavy Version ! Making V-Slot Let’s build X axis Then Y axis Assembly axis + Z axis 3D Printed T8 Nut to prevent loose Then electronic Tests… Read More »

How to Make a $10k Pair of Shoes from Scratch: The Shoe Surgeon


safety somebody’s trying to break in what’s going on everyone its Papa Jake and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we have built the world’s most top-secret box fort known to man so secretive that no one is able to get inside of it unless you know how there’s no… Read More »

Resolving Issues in Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 8) | HP Computers | HP

Are you are having problems connecting to the Internet with Internet Explorer 11? This video provides troubleshooting tips for resolving the most common issues. Microsoft routinely updates its software to fix known issues and improve performance. Before you begin, make sure you have installed the latest updates from Microsoft. From the Start screen, type Update… Read More »

Google Trips Review – Tips & Tricks

♪ Rob’s Tech Tip of the Week ♪ This week, I recommend you check out Google Trips. Google Trips is a smartphone app that acts as a trip planner and travel guide to make traveling to a new place a breeze. It’s totally free and available for iPhone or Android and provides the best experience… Read More »