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Hi I’m Anna Lytical the sickeningly entertaining and educational coding queen and apparently the only way I know how to code is by mindlessly copying and pasting. So today we’re gonna build a really quick a really fun website that is made exclusively by copying and pasting code to show you how to not mindlessly… Read More »

Why Diversity is toxic (as an ex-Google tech lead)

– Hey, welcome back, TechLead here. Now, first of all, I wanna say I did not really want to make this video about anti-diversity because I believe that the intentions behind there are good. However, I feel that we have gone too far and I wanted to do a follow up video on the manifesto… Read More »

Vielfalt macht uns stark!

My name is Farah Savas. I am German-Algerian. And I am very involved with the Arab Business Circle, an employee network. Why do I do it? Because diversity and tolerance are important to me. My name is Weiwei Chen. I work in HR. I have been involved in the Chinese community since 2016. My name… Read More »

Engineer explains programming memes in DRAG: recruiting, binary, HTML

… I … Hi, I’m Anna Lytical , your friendly neighborhood drag queen and top tier tech educator – today we’re gonna look at some memes. I think when you’re learning to code, humor is a great way to stay up-to-date on what’s happening, to be in the know, laugh about it with your friends,… Read More »

Glitter, rainbows and gifs, oh my!! Full glam HTML/CSS text texturing

hey! *I’m Anna Lytical* now that we know some of the basics of fonts and coloring them on the web and how to use some containers let’s step this up over here please let’s dive in we ended here and this is a mess oh my god I can’t even believe I told you to… Read More »

Building a very ON POINT website for Brooke Lynn Heights! (Beginner HTML/CSS/JavaScript)

Hi I’m Anna Lytical, and today we will be building a very “On Point” website. We’re gonna be using some of the concepts that I demonstrated in the opulence coding tutorial as well as things that I use in the Yvie Oddly website. Those links will be in the description below. If you’re new here,… Read More »

Only-child Matthew moved to tears by brotherly James and Oliver – The Greatest Dancer | Auditions

GENTLE PIANO MUSIC # Once I was seven years old # My momma told me # Go make yourself some friends # Or you’ll be lonely # Once I was seven years old # It was a big, big world # But we thought we were bigger # Pushing each other to the limits #… Read More »

Spans, divs and classes, name a more iconic trio. Nuanced HTML/CSS styling

Hey, I’m Anna Lytical and let’s add a rainbow. Before we dive in be sure to subscribe below and ring the bell to be notified of all my future videos. Now let’s dive in. We ended up with a new font family and a new font size but now let’s turn the word amazing into… Read More »

Pocket-rocket Shyla WOWS with explosive moves! 🚀 – The Greatest Dancer | Auditions

INTERCOM BUZZES Hello, Greatest Dancer studio. Hello, I’m Shyla, and I’m here for my audition. Sure. Come straight through. Hello. Hello. How are you? Good. Shyla. How old are you, Shyla? I’m seven. Lovely. Do you want to take a seat? Yeah. There we go. Feel OK? Yeah. Good. I’ve been practising in my bedroom,… Read More »