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Low Monthly Search Volume Keyword Targeting: It’s Worth It! 👍

Hands up, who hates doing something only to find out it’s a COMPLETE waste of time? Well, when it comes to SEO, the thought of spending your time working away on something with a really low monthly search volume can seem like a waste But guess what? It’s not. Let me tell you why… Get… Read More »

Intersection Between SEO and Your Marketing Funnel

[music] Shinhee Son: Hey, guys. I’m Shinhee Son. I’m the Director of SEO at Augurian. What I’m going to be talking to you guys about today is how to get more out of your SEO strategy using a marketing funnel. Before I go into the funnel, I really want to talk about the mistakes that… Read More »

How To Do Competitor Analysis: Part 2 – How to Analyse Your Competitors’ SEO

Make £1000 this week – selling digital marketing services

My Digital Marketing Agency is Hiring!

What’s going on social media, it’s been a while since I’ve created video content so first of all I want to give you a quick update of what’s going on with North digital and Then I’m going to talk about what the main purpose of this video is Which is to put the word out… Read More »

Posizionamento SEO • Cos’è e qual è stata la sua evoluzione

Ciao, mi chiamo Elisa! In Bizen mi occupo di SEO Copywriting in particolare scrivo testi per il web utili all’utente e ottimizzati per i motori di ricerca. Prima ti ho parlato di SEO La SEO, acronimo di Search Engine Optimization, ovvero ottimizzazione per motore di ricerca è l’insieme di tecniche e interventi volti a posizionare… Read More »

What A $3 Million/Year Digital Marketing Agency Looks Like – My Company Org Chart

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here and in this video I want to break down kind of the organizational structure of my business all the members on our team what they do and so you can kind of get a look at my business and Maybe structure your business along the same lines If… Read More »

Exposure Ninja Testimonial | Logican Solutions

– My name is Yaakov Smith, my business is called Logican, and we provide, and develop, and support software for businesses to help them be more efficient. We’ve got software for claims management companies, for legal firms, for property management companies, for debt management companies, even for funeral plan management companies. And we provide software… Read More »

SEO Testimonial | Branding By Garden Review Exposure Ninja’s SEO Service & Results

– I’m Taner, the lead developer here at Branding by Garden. We’re a branding agency, we focus on growing and creating brands. We’ve been working with Exposure Ninja for about four months now. Exposure Ninja’s been a really big help to us. We’ve jumped up the rankings by a lot, I don’t know how much… Read More »