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Android 11 developer preview first look

– Android 11 is here. It’s the next version of Android. and Google’s releasing a super early preview of it for developers this year. Now, the changes here are really developer facing, there’s not a lot of stuff you’re gonna see if you’re a user. But Google’s making some big promises. We’ve got support for… Read More »

The new way to test accessibility with Chrome DevTools – A11ycasts #23

I Wanna Be a Web Designer · A Day In The Life Of A Web Designer

We use the web more than ever these days, whether we’re playing games, downloading apps or buying clothes. But somewhere, someone sat down and actually created that website. That’s like Facebook, Amazon, even apps like Instagram and snapchat all started with one person sitting at a computer. Now you don’t need to be a computer… Read More »

Why to use meaningful HTML tags, also known as semantic HTML

Now the second principle that will help set a foundation for our next steps is the idea that we should use HTML tags that are meaningful to the content that we’re wrapping them around. In our simple case this means using H1 tags for our heading, and P tags for our paragraph, instead of Div… Read More »

A simple CSS example and what HTML attributes are

You’ve probably noticed that these two bits of content have different styles to them. The heading is bold and it’s big, the paragraph is small and it isn’t bold. This is simply how the browser is interpreting the tags that we’re giving to it. If I go back to our code we’re not really seeing… Read More »

What HTML is and a simple HTML example

So before we look at how to convert any of this design over to a template let’s start by looking at what HTML is and how it works. So I’m going to jump to my file explorer and I’m going to expand the part one steps folder here, and I’m going to copy this first… Read More »

How to choose an HTML tag that matches the meaning you want to convey

If you’re just starting with HTML then you probably only know the few tags that we’ve covered so far. But even if you’re coming to the table with a number of tags already in your mental database here’s a good set of rules for figuring out when to use an HTML tag for a particular… Read More »

Convert HTML to PDF in ASP.NET Core in Just 5 Minutes

Syncfusion HTML to PDF converter is a .NET library for converting web pages, HTML string, SVG, and MHTML files to PDF. In this video, we are going to integrate the Syncfusion HTML to PDF converter in a ASP.NET Core project in just 5 minutes. This is my simple ASP.NET Core application and this is the… Read More »