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Google I/O Keynote (Google I/O ’17)

Testing multi-screen web pages

Testing sites for the multi-device web requires a different set of tools than desktop web development. Hi. I’m Pete, a developer advocate at Google. I’m going to show you my workflow and how you can use it to make sure that your sites look amazing on any device. I always start on my desktop with… Read More »

How every HTML element is a box

One final principle I wanted to put out there before we start getting our hands dirty with actually converting this design into a template is the idea that every element in HTML is a box. So if we go to the Chrome browser we have the last version of our example here, then we can… Read More »

Building sites for the multi-device web

Hi, I’m Pete, a developer advocate at Google. I use a lot of different devices to browse the web– my desktop, my tablet, my phone. Now some of these sites look great across all these different devices. But other sites? Not so much. When a site isn’t optimized or designed to work across the multi-device… Read More »

Web Performance Testing at YouTube

Hi. I’m Rick Viscomi, and I make YouTube fast. In this video, I’m going to share how we test web performance and a few tips for doing the same on your own website. The two test methodologies that we’re going to look at are real user monitoring, or RUM, and synthetic testing. Real user monitoring,… Read More »

Why to use HTML and CSS instead of images

So at some point as you’re struggling through trying to figure out what the right HTML and CSS is to represent an HTML element, just like you see it in the design, you’ll start to wonder if maybe you should use an image instead. For example, couldn’t we just use this image here, instead of… Read More »

Polymer: Interacting with Google Services using nothing but HTML

Hey guys, I’m Eric Bidelman. I’m a staff developer relations engineer working on Polymer at Google. So in this video I’m going to talk to you about how you can use Polymer and Web Components to interact with some of Google’s most popular APIs and services just by writing a little bit of HTML. The… Read More »

Getting Your PageSpeed Score Up

Have you ever had one of those moments where you’re staring at your phone waiting for a web page to load, you’ve got full signal, and nothing’s happening? This kind of sucks, right? I mean, this site could be the best thing ever. But if it takes too long to load, I’m going to get… Read More »