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DevBytes: Web Components – HTML Imports

Web components enable you to build great websites through they use of reusable components. But what does it take to build a web component? My name is Ejii, and today I’m going to give you an overview of HTML imports. If you have worked with UI libraries like jQuery UI or bootstrap, you know that… Read More »

Voice search in your app

JAREK WILKIEWICZ: This is how users search the web on the desktop. And this is how many users search on mobile, OK, Google. In fact, a recent study shows that 55% of teens, and 41% of adults, already use Voice Search more than once per day. At Google we always look for innovative ways to… Read More »

Launchpad Online: Creating great experiences with email markup

WESLEY CHUN: Hi, everyone. This is Wesley Chun, engineer and Developer Advocate. Here at Google, we strongly believe in giving users impactful and delightful experiences when using our tools. Well, we want you to do the same for your customers. Today’s episode is all about good times and how you, with not much effort, can… Read More »