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5 tips for designing mobile-friendly websites

– Hello everyone! Today we’re gonna talk about responsive design and what to consider when you’re designing for mobile screens. Thinking about what you design is gonna look like on a mobile is a super super part of the design process. I mean, it’s 2018. Everyone is using their phones. So in this video, I’m… Read More »

Exporting design assets for web – File types & optimization

– Hey everyone. Welcome back to my channel. Today I’ve got a video for you all about exporting assets for websites. Now, I consider the main goal when exporting an asset to go online is for the file size to be as small as possible without losing quality, because smaller file sizes mean faster loading… Read More »

Building a site in Webflow – First impressions review!

– Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is one that has been very highly requested by a bunch of different people, every time I’ve mentioned learning to code, or designing or building a website in a vlog or a video, you’ve been telling me to try out Webflow. It’s become a very… Read More »

How to wireframe a website | CharliMarieTV

Today I’m in a bit of a different set-up from my usual, because I want to take you through the first stage of the web design process which is wireframing. The purpose of wireframing is to work in a really minimal way to start organising the information and start figuring out the flow of a… Read More »

Building a single-page site in Webflow – Episode 2 of Designing a Website

– Hello, everyone. Welcome to the second video in my Website Redesign series. In the first one, in the last video, which I’ll link to on the playlist up there, we went through the site map like planning the website, planning out exactly what templates I’m going to need to design and build, what pages… Read More »

Designing a website – Episode 1: Planning & site map!

– Hello, everyone, and welcome to a new series on my YouTube channel. This series is going to be documenting the process of me redesigning, rebuilding my website from the very start to the very end when it launches. I did originally think about doing this all in one video just as like an overview… Read More »