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Adobe XD Design Tutorial: App Landing Page

Hey welcome everybody, in today’s video I’ll go over the whole design process of this landing page using Adobe XD, let’s start by taking a quick look over the content break it down into sections and jumpy to dribbble to find some inspiration. Since this is done for a financial app that helps young people… Read More »

Building a single-page site in Webflow – Episode 2 of Designing a Website

– Hello, everyone. Welcome to the second video in my Website Redesign series. In the first one, in the last video, which I’ll link to on the playlist up there, we went through the site map like planning the website, planning out exactly what templates I’m going to need to design and build, what pages… Read More »

Designing a website – Episode 1: Planning & site map!

– Hello, everyone, and welcome to a new series on my YouTube channel. This series is going to be documenting the process of me redesigning, rebuilding my website from the very start to the very end when it launches. I did originally think about doing this all in one video just as like an overview… Read More »

Design at Ola, India’s largest ride-sharing company | Centered Ep 3

(traffic noise) (vehicles honking)(Yasmine) Every second,three more Indians come online for the first time.That’s over 10,000 people every hour.With smartphones outpacing desktop devices,India has quickly become a mobile-first nation.We’re here in Bangalore to learn how product creatorsare designing for these next billion users.I sat down with Dipika Kapadia,the senior director of product management at Ola,to… Read More »