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DAN: Something really important to consider is that Google actually operates with two completely different algorithms there’s a local algorithm and then a national algorithm and what that really means is that Google looks at local organizations in a completely different way and that’s why you have to approach it completely differently as well. DEE:… Read More »

PPC | Dental SEO Part 5 | Wagada

DAN: So I think that PPC. Which basically pay-per-click and Google Ads is is really important actually to capture prospective clients, patients, who are a bit further down the sales funnel. DEE: Definitely, I’d say so with social media, you’re kind of going out there and you’re trying to target these people. DAN: That’s right.… Read More »

WHAT IS DENTAL SEO? | Dental SEO Part 1 | Wagada

DAN: search engine optimization is really key for dental practices in terms of their online presence I mean fundamentally it’s there to increase their practice revenue you know it’s all about ROI it’s about what is that end goal, and what is it that we’re looking to achieve and with regards to how consumers are… Read More »


DAN: So customer segmentation is literally about looking at the target market okay within you know this industry the dental industry you’ve got a very broad target audience and it’s very easy to fall into that habit of kind of mass marketing and it’s very easy to do that online but realistically that’s not going… Read More »

INTERNATIONAL SEO | Dental SEO Part 3 | Wagada

DAN: It is your big strength, International SEO. DEE: Absolutely, so I mean in your dental practice based in Europe trying to attract UK patients then your your stress you can be completely different then if your local and regional practice so we’re we’re experts in this field where we were knowledgeable we help customers… Read More »

Fast, Good, and Cheap SEO | WEO Media – Dental Marketing

Hi guys, my name is Jay and I’m with WEO Media. And today I’m going to be talking about the differences between fast, good and cheap SEO. So stay tuned. Remember that old adage, I want it fast, I want it good, and I want it cheap? Wouldn’t it be great if life was like… Read More »

Dental SEO- How To Get Your Practice Found Online | Advice Media

In this video, we are discussing search engine optimization. Often referred to as SEO and its effectiveness as a strategy to market your dental practice. Dental SEO is a strategy that focuses on driving traffic to your website through organic search results from search engines, like Google. With this strategy, you are trying to appear… Read More »