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How to create Google Data Studio Dashboards for SEO

Hello everyone. You’re waiting for dinner. So yeah, I will try and make it exciting. So yeah. Firstly, who am I? Yeah, so I’m the SEO lead at Vodafone group so I manage 22 markets, 560 million mobile customers. I’ve been an SEO for 20 years. But I’ve developed complete love for Data Studio. And… Read More »

ASP.NET Dashboard: Creating Traffic Analytics Dashboard

Creating New Dashboard and Select Insert Tab Select Chart Item and Put It on Dashboard Specify Data Fields for This Item Change Chart Type Select indicator Item and Put It on Dashboard Specify Data Fields for This Item Change Icon of Indicator Apply Text Format for Indicator Copy Indicator Using Ctrl Button and Change Indicators… Read More »

Facebook Ads Dashboard with Google Data Studio | Lesson 3

– Alright, so now that we have prepared our data in Google Sheets, we are ready to visualize it. We’ll first calculate our metrics, then lay out our dashboard, and then, finally, implement our data in Google Data Studio. All and more coming up right after this. (upbeat music) Today our journey starts in Google… Read More »

Duplicating sheets: This is how to duplicate a sheet in Tableau

Hi and welcome back! In our last video, we created the visualization you see in the workspace area. What we will do here is add a similar visualization, but for ‘2015’ and expressing ‘GDP figures’ as a percentage of total. Ok. Which is the fastest way to do that? I can either press the ‘add… Read More »