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Biar Banyak ditonton? Begini Cara Upload Video ke Youtube Dari HP Android | #TemanKreator – Part #5

selamat datang di channel teman kreator pada video sebelumnya telah dibahas tutorial mengupload video dengan mudah menggunakan aplikasi youtube lewat hp atau smartphone nah video ini akan membahas tutorial cara mengupload video menggunakan smartphone android dengan aplikasi google chrome dan cara ini merupakan cara yang sering saya gunakan ketika mengupload video menggunakan smartphone [opening] langsung… Read More »

Dan & Yeon Seo “There’s a rude princess!” [HUMOR]

Qual’è la mia missione? Amore Volete che trovi l’amore? Per chi? E’ emotivamente instabile… E’ così emotivamente instabile che non posso trovarle l’amore Non posso, impossibile, non posso farlo Perchè deve essere lei? Perchè? Perchè l’hai salvata allora? Chi c’è? Chi sei? So che ti trovi lì! Aspetta, non è così! Di cosa ti occupi?… Read More »

7 Best Ways To Make Money Online

(dramatic music) – Whoa, here we are, selfie stick adventures, Canada! Ah, I’ve got my man Aaron, there he is, look! And have a look at that view, would ya? Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo! This’ll do. – What’s up? – What’s up? – We’re in Vancouver. – Yes, Vancouver! Check out the view, check… Read More »

Actual Live Sales Call With Dan Lok

– So you want to, so you’re talking 1,500 to 2,000 a month. With local clients. How much do you want to be charging? – [Caller] Oh that’s you know what I think we’re actually shooting for maybe you know if I can get my retainer of $2,500 a month that would really help my… Read More »

Because for that to happen, Yeonseo needs to die [Angel’s Last Mission: Love / ENG]

I have a question. I was wondering why you suddenly called me out. How can I become a human? Let me ask you again. How did you become a human? Do you think I’ll tell you that? I gave this a thought. Why did you do this? You knew what you did was meaningless. Projecting… Read More »