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Padding & Margin (Spacing) – Web design tutorial (using the Old UI)

Padding and margin can add space or breathing room inside or outside of an element’s boundary. Padding creates space on the inside, while margin creates space on the outside. Let’s explore four different aspects of padding and margin: Individual Sides, Complementary Sides, All Sides, and then Negative Margin. Let’s start with Individual Sides. Here’s a… Read More »

Why to use HTML and CSS instead of images

So at some point as you’re struggling through trying to figure out what the right HTML and CSS is to represent an HTML element, just like you see it in the design, you’ll start to wonder if maybe you should use an image instead. For example, couldn’t we just use this image here, instead of… Read More »

HTML, CSS, JavaScript Explained [in 4 minutes for beginners]

Every webpage on the internet uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Think of them as the foundational coding languages of the internet. Just like how Belgium has 3 languages (French, Dutch, German), webpages also have languages. In the case of websites, their languages are HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Sure you may have heard of them, but… Read More »

Learn HTML5 and CSS3 From Scratch – Full Course

Hey Guys and Welcome to HTML and CSS from scratch video where we will learn HTML5 and CSS3 from scratch using Visual Studio Code Text Editor While video will mostly focus on HTML and CSS we are also going to cover typical Visual Studio Code Text Editor setup including nifty extensions slick ms snipperts and… Read More »

Responsive Web Design to Get More Traffic – Whitehat Shepherds Bush London

well up did you know that you’re losing a lot of visitors and potential customers if your website is not mobile friendly a study commissioned by Google shows that 52 percent of users are unlikely to engage with the business that has a non mobile friendly website having a responsive webdesign means that your website… Read More »

Angular Universal and Firebase Hosting (Server-side Rendering with JavaScript Frameworks)

DAVID EAST: As a server-side friend re– [BLEEP] Dang it! SPEAKER 1: Server-side friender. DAVID EAST: Server-side friender. [BLEEP] It never just goes away. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, everybody. Welcome to the Angular Universal episode in the server-side rendering with JavaScript framework series. And in this episode, we’re going to get up and running quickly with… Read More »

Technisches SEO: Crawling Budget, Indexing, Performance | morefire Kneipentalk

Hi zusammen, willkommen zum morefire Kneipentalk. Heute reden wir über das Thema Tech SEO und dazu haben uns den schönen René eingeladen. Hallo, zum Wohle so auf ein Kölsch mit René. Genau, wir haben uns heute vorgenommen, das Thema technische SEO ein bisschen auseinander zu nehmen. Was ist für dich technische SEO? Klassisch, alles was… Read More »