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My Summer Crush | Hannah Stocking

Hey girl, do your thing, do your thing and switch. Hey girl, do your thing, do your thing and switch Hey girls It’s a boy! Hey ladies Oh my god. Oh my god. Hey Hey, we’re having a pool party. You should all come Sounds cool, I guess, right? Sure! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Whatever You’re… Read More »

Happy Together I 해피투게더 – Crush, BewhY, Kim Jongmin, Shin Ji, Seo Minjung [ENG/2019.07.25]

The magical Thursday night with top stars. – Happy Together! / – Happy Together! (Happy Together) Every week, our photos are taken on our way to the studio for the shoot. We were taken photos earlier too. However, I was surprised by the news article about Hyunmoo last week. – Why? / – It became… Read More »

EPIK HIGH (에픽하이) – 술이 달다 (LOVEDRUNK) ft. CRUSH [Official MV]

This trembling, trembling in my legs and this spinning, spinning in my head is trying to erase you. This pounding, pounding in my chest and this beating, beating in my heart is trying to erase you. I’m trying so hard. So hard to erase you. Like a fool. Though I may lose it all. I’m… Read More »

Happy Together I 해피투게더 – Seo Hyorim, CHUNGHA, CRUSH, Lee Junghyun, etc [ENG/2018.08.16]

Happy to be together on Happy Together! – Let’s get it! / – Hello. – Come on. / – It’s good to see you. A few days ago, Korea recorded – the highest temperature in 111 years. / – It was hot. – Due to the heatwave, / – That’s right. – like us, the… Read More »