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Top 10 People Getting TRIGGERED! 💢

I don’t know if your wife didn’t f♥ck you this morning, while leaving her vehicle on, You could have asked nicely, and I will be reporting you to head manager! You did the same sh♥t to him! …and Tweez fits it in there to the 46; and be just shy of the sticks! -What’s very… Read More »

Google Translate Songs & Jimmy Fallon

What’s up and welcome back to my personal websitejjk Youtube.com I’m your host Keith Youtube today. We’re gonna be worshipping on the altar of Jimmy Fallon and his original idea Google Translate songs, let’s watch: Google Translate, you know it’s not always perfect for example when we translated to when translated to Hungarian and back… Read More »

The Big Bug Eating Industry of China (Part 2)

These are expensive. Right now one egg is worth five mao [8 cents]. Five mao for such a tiny egg? Yes. Because an adult doudan worm can be sold for 10 yuan [$150], the profit margins are high. The first step of doudan farming is to stick the doudan moth’s eggs onto this paper. Then… Read More »