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How to Create, Upload and Submit a Sitemap to Google ! SEO Ranking 2020

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WELCOME TO HTML TUTORIAL EPISODE 01. We talk about in this episode main structure and html tags. I create a new folder. Next I open a text file using NOTEPAD. You can create a text file using Microsoft Word or Notepad. I type in this text file what important codes in html. Firstly,I type (… Read More »

Photoshop Tutorial Web Design Simple Banner

First create a new document (Ctrl + N) Set color code 7e7e7e on Foreground Color Use the Paint Bucket Tool. Click to provide color If too fast, you can select the speed at 0.25 or 0.5 Change the color in Foreground Color Go to View>Show>Grid. The Grid is the perfect alignment tool for graphic design… Read More »

How to Create a HTML Webpage using Notepad

Hi this is Utk from the learning Arch and today I am going to show you how to make a Html Website within minutes, So why do you even need to build a Html website when there are so many website building software out there, well the answer is that , first you will learn… Read More »